Blessed St Jude, please protect my younger daughter in all her decisions especially with choosing life partner -let there be no mistakes lord -she is all alone under the control of friends whom i do not know -in the native country -now in a big city – i am so scared and worried for her lord – please keep her under your wings with your mighty power and let her meet only the right people who will guide her the right path your way and let her get back her belief in prayers and god – and meet her soul mate a good man , marry and have her own family .
please please let this happen with your powerful miracles lord and let all her past miseries and bad things go away lord – let the right man come and let her fall in love which the poor girl deserves so very much- please hear my plea today and always for her who is turned against me for silly reasons and is in another country whom i cannot see now because i cannot travel to her – please let her come and join her family if that is your wish for her lord -Please let her get a day time job and be able to quit the night graveyard shift job which ruins her health – thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her -amen