Dear blessed St Jude please bless my nurse daughter with good health and happiness.
Please protect her from all harm and evil .
Please let her somehow get the job which will bring her physically closer to me and my home.
Please Let her get the job which is suited to her best in the changed situation ( pregnancy). Please decide for her which hospital and which kind of job is best suited for her my dear St Jude.
Please send your powerful miracles to protect her and make all the necessary urgent changes like changing her job between different hospital trusts while having only a temporary Visa which has to be cancelled and renewed with the new trusts which has to be done with care because if the employer goes against her she will just have to leave the country.
Please protect her and guide her in the right path. regarding her job.. Her husband is having a dependent visa to her visa. So it is all very risky.
Please help lord.
Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude.. I pray for all in this circle .