Blessed St Jude, today is the interview for my nurse daughter to a big hospital near to my side of home and if she succeeds can live close to me and it is a promotion interview also with more money.
Please let the interviewer be good to her and ask questions she already knows the answers – please let her win the interview lord – and be able to come and help me who is suffering from old age diseases and difficulties – It means a lot to me if she and family moves close to me – it is of great help to us – we have no car and depend on public transport and they can help us with lot of things.
Please bless her today and always lord to do her best and pass the interview and let us all be happy as a family .
Thank you for all the favours to her and family given over the years , never forgotten always gratefully remembered and thanked by me – thanks to all at the shrine for all their unconditional prayers -god bless you all – May all in the circle find solutions for their problems through our lord and saviour -amen