Blessed St Jude, please let my nurse daughter pass her coming up interview for a promotion in her career as well as increase in pay if she passes her interview – and let her be able to live /work near my home and come over to this side of the country .
Please lord it will help us -me and my husband who is suffering from advanced cancer and me suffering from bad glaucoma and eye problems –
please send your powerful miracles to let this transfer of job between hospital trusts happen without any problem for her visa status –or in any trouble lord –
please let all her health issues go away like diabetes, gangilion cyst on her wrist, painful bunions on feet, vericose veins among other things –
Please protect her little child and her dependent nurse husband’s family property issues and their welfare lord –
Please protect all in this circle lord
Thank you for all the favours given to her and family -amen