Blessed St Jude please cure my nurse daughter’s high insulin / sugar level urgently down and let her be able to calm her anxieties and cope with the politics at her job front , some colleagues making it impossible for her to work as a nurse, She loves her job but if others are making it so difficult with all the high standards health care gone down so badly with covid .and the work load tripled with less staff and nurses with bare minimum salary .with salary going for rent and with child expenses they are just about living..
Please send your powerful miracles to give my daughter sthe strength o physical and mental to overcome all her health issues and professional issues .as well as extream ddifficulties with her husband’s language issues among ootherdrawbacks which is highly frustrating .

Please cure her Diabetes, gangilion cyst, severe scars from mask allergy ,painful bunions on feet and her severe , Vericose veins,
with all this now depressed with high insulin levels caused by the severe face allergy leading to over eating and now a Torn Knee ..
Lord please I beg you to come to her help and let her be able to resolve her problems. and let the new diet and health programme she joined be successful so that she can work proper and not go back to native country to poverty..
Please let her be able to come and live and work near my home and pass the interview in the hospital near my home .
Thank you for all the favours to her and family my fear St Jude . amen