Dear blessed St Jude please cure my nurse daighter’s high sugar/ insulin level become normal and let her be able to control it . Let her husband cooperate with her and and cook the correct food .and not spoke her sugar level with food. Please urgently send your miracles to help her and force her husband who is dominating and selfish not making food to suit her diabetes needs instead aggravating it and she is a weak willed person. and addicted to comfort food.
Please Make her husband change his ways .Show her love and sympathy. let him sacrifice his food tastes and make Zero sugar food ..and bring down her sugar level.
Please Urgently come to my daughter’s help. I plead with you.
My poor daughter is suffering from Gangilion cysts in her wrist , painful bunions on feet and her severe scars caused by mask allergy which has scarred her face and led to over eating depression and now over weight and now torn knee problem .
She has not taken any treatment or rest
and is working like a mule and is now a mess and now he is dumping her on to me.
Please please please come to our help and save my only hope that is her. Please let her get the mental and physical strength
Please make her strong and refuse all comfort food and eat zero sugar food. and overcome her depression..
Please I leave her in your hands and let your mighty power stop all the forces against her welfare and safety.
Please let the new dieticians be able to save her life and understand her problems and make her strong .
Please protect her from all dangers lord . Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude..ever grateful to you .