Blessed St Jude, please urgently bring down the insulin / sugar level of my nurse daughter . Please bring her to see reality and change her diet and let the pain in her knees go away at once so that she can work pain free.
Please let all her depression go away and let her belief in God and prayers increase .and give her peace of mind.
Please let the dietician / physiotherapist person who had cured her twice from her diabetes come to her help and not ignore us
Please let my daughter contact him and request him please.because he is not responding to me.
Please guide her and us on how to bring a solution to this problem
Lord please calm her disturbed mind and heal her . She has been through a lot of stress still is personaly and professionally.
Please protect her and family from all evil eyes and all danger and evil people..
Please fill her with hope and energy .. I am leaving her in your hands please guide her and let she get the best person to reverse her diabetes.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her and family . amen.