My dear St jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to urgently to somehow bring down the sugar level of my nurse daughter who is suffering from insulin shooting up . Please let her stop the programme which is not working for her.
Please let her listen to me . Please let her talk to me .

I thank you today and always my dear St Jude for all the favours given to me and family.
Please continue to protect us please.
I am praying for my nurse daughter who is collapsing mentally and physically.
Please come to her help urgently.
She has no one to help her .
Please send your powerful miracles to save her from further depression. and getting ill.
Please let her insensitive husband see the damage and unhappiness is caused and rectify it . She has too many things dumped on her head .
She has too many aches and pains ignored.and cannot rest.
Please dear St Jude I plead you to bring down her sugar level urgently..and put her with the correct treatment and diet.
She has stopped talking to me and I have no idea what is happening with her ..
Please let her be able tp reverse her diabeti
else , Gangilion cysts in her wrist , painful bunions on feet and her severe , scars on her face from the allergy of masks, vercose veins, which are just ignored and she is expected to work like a mule ..otherwise they face poverty.
Please let her stop her depression somehow my dear lord i beg and plead with you .and stop eating the wrong food and get the right treatment to control her insulin . and listen to me .
Please let your mighty power destroy her stubbornness and let her come to me and please guide us lord to the right treatment.
Help and save my daughter please.,
Give her husband patience and to treat her with love.
lord you please rectify what is wrong in her marriage.
Please make her realise how much I love her.
Please calm her wrap your arms around her. heal my poor daughter. ..
Please protect her family .bless them and her home . amen