Dear blessed St Jude, please help my nurse daughter to control her diabetes which is going out of control and she has lost her will and gone into depression unwilling to talk to anyone and hostile –
Please dear lord I beg you today to come to help my daughter -give her mental strength and physical strength to cope with all her problems.
Please let her not fight with her husband and me and sister.
Please let her husband be nice and loving to her in her current distressed situation.
Please let her get the right direction and help from the best reliable source for her diabetes reversal treatment.
please let her cooperate with me and accept the treatment which she is refusing.
Please let her my poor hard working daughter not suffer .
She has taken too much pressure lord –
please let her find peace of mind in prayers and get control of herself.
Dear lord she has too many health issues and her work as a nurse requires minimum 14 hrs of standing if not more –
please cure her diabetes, gangilion cyst on wrist, painful bunions, vericose veins, the severe scars made by the mask allergy which has depressed her and made her overeat and diabetic and fat now – Please i beg and plead for your help today to resolve this snowballing issue which if not stopped can destroy her carrer and in turn her family and will have to return to her native country where poverty awaits her. Please send your powerful miracles to her help urgently and let her get the right treatment. Please somehow let her get her diabetes under control – I pray for all in this circle and beyond to get their problems solved by our lord — Thank you St Jude for all your help always given – I am ever grateful to you for keeping us alive, sane and stable –