Dear St Jude please protect my younger daughter who is recovering from a surgery few days back.
Please protect her from Coronavirus and all other underlying
Please let her see reality and see how to resolve all her problems and help her to meet her soul mate and live normal life.
Let her stop her smoking immediately for it lord . Let her not get stressed and be at peace.
Please I beg you to urgently send your powerful miracles to help her to control her cravings and stop all addictive habits if any at once.
Please show her the right path and let her have the will power and mental and physical strength to forget her miserable past coming from a broken home .
Let her stop fighting with her sister and me and be family please.
Please let her get completely cured from the surgery and get back to work .
Please stop all her enemies especially the ones in the apartment complex with your mighty power.
Thank you for all the favours to her my dear St Jude .