My dear St Jude my family is falling apart.
My elder daughter is become diabetic now and fat .
She has too much stress to handle.
Please let her husband be nice to her instead of adding to her stress.
Please let me also not do anything that will stress her more
Please let her be successful in reversing her diabetes please .
Let her not fight with me.
She is my only hope.
Please let her understand reality and learn to cope with it and stop following her wrong diet .and somehow bring down her once.
Please send your powerful miracles to do something correct to bring down her weight and reverse her diabetes sugar level which has only gone up.
Please lord let her not ruin her health during these coronavirus time and she is a nurse.
Please I beg you today to help me in this matter. We have no one .I leave her in your hands lord . Please help . Please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to give her confidence and strength and let her do only the right things as per your guidance and wish.
She has a small child to look after .
Thank you for all the favours to her and family my dear St Jude ..Stop all evil, negative things happening in her life lord ..Please .amen