Dear blessed St Jude please protect, heal and cure my younger daughter’s speedy urgent recovery from her surgery so that she can resume her job and do all her chores .. She is all alone in the native country with her family me and her sister in another country.
She has completely cut off from all of us with some friends now controlling her or i have no idea what is happening to her.
Little bit information comes through.that is all.
Please lord i feel so helpless sitting in another country with no news of her.
She has sent a message to her step dad saying she will be ok that is all .
She is extreamly weak physically and has resumed smoking because of stressful night job.. Please lord i leave her in your hands to be cared and healed from her surgery 2 days back and to give her physical and mental strength to overcome all her problems . Please send your powerful miracles urgently to heal, felieve her pain and cure her from her surgery..
Please let her stop smoking and take care of her health.
Please Save her from all bad habits and evil friends go away never to come back to her life. Please surround her with good people only who will guide her to your path of prayers and belief in God..Please hear my prayers .
Please protect her from coronavirus.and all other health problems.
Please help her to find her soul mate my dear St Jude or she will be lost in her life. and destroy herself.
Please let it not happen .to this struggling honest family who have never hurt anyone.
Please guide her lord at every step she takes and let there be no mistakes be made by her or her friends controlling her
protect her from all evil and dangers from all her enemies .let your mighty power stop all of them .from harming her.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all help favours to her