Dear blessed St Jude, please protect, heal, cure, stop the spreading of the prostrate cancer of my husband who is 75yrs of age and is also suffering underlying health conditions .
Now my new test result on cervical screening is showing some problems which has to be checked again later time because if it does not go away can lead to cervical cancer – please my dear St Jude send your powerful miracles to clear this problem from my body of which i have no idea how this has happened to me – and i am crushed both by my husband’s cancer and my new problem –
please let the oncologist prescribe hormone treatment for his cancer and not chemo therapy which will be so difficult to bear- and let it be controlled and not spread any further.
Please let my GP give me the correct advice and not something which suits her which is what she normally does-
Dear St Jude, please bless our homes and clear all the bad energy and evil from there and bless us with good health, prosperity, love and togetherness.
Please let my daughter be able to pass the interview in the hospital near my home and be able to shift near us and be able to of mutual help to survive .
Thank you St Jude for all your favours to me and my husband . I am always grateful to you -amen
Praying for all in this circle and beyond — let all your problems get solved -may god bless us all