Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter when doing her cyst removal surgery.this Monday.
Let the doctor do all the tests and make sure of her health..let all diagnoses be correct and no mistakes be made by anyone . She has no family with her.
Please let her be healthy and fit to go through the surgery safe .
Please give her strength physical and mental ..
Please let her find her soul mate a goid man, who can fund her marry love have family with her.
Please send your powerful miracles to change her mind regarding marriage and let her forget her miserable past coming from a broken family with no money and her nasty boyfriends breaking her heart.
Please Bless her . Please let her stop immediately her smoking .somehow. and any other bad habits if any .
Thank You my dear St Jude for everything given to her . i am ever grateful to you .I am so far away in another country away from her. I am tormented . please Calm us all and heal us all .. let the surgery go well .
Thank you ..amen