Dear blessed St Jude, please let the post biopsy of prostrate cancer urinary infection or any other infection which is causing so much pain for my husband go away urgently lord and not lead to a catheter insertion – let there be no collection in the bladder and please let all become normal for him quickly so that the oncologist can start the treatment and not have any more complications to his condition. Please guide us in the right path on how to relieve his current pain and infection and no sleep.
Please lord i have been diagnosed with a condition which may lead to cancer cells developing in the cervix and the conditon should go away on its own or it can be a future problem for me and there is no cure they say- I am so stressed and do not know how i got this dreadful thing.- please let my chest pain go away — and let my weight come down
Please let it go away on its own as soon as possible lord and let me be alright- and also my extra heart beat and any other problem with my heart go away before they put some monitor on me for observation. Please give me some relief somewhere –
Please clear me from all these problems my dear St Jude .
I cannot afford to fall sick then there is no one to take care of family.
I thank you for all your blessings to me and my family -amen