Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to cure my husband’s severe not decreasing very painful urinary tract infection post biopsy of prostrate cancer and now on antibiotics ..he is terrified to go to A & E.because of Catherter fear and their extreme measures and to sit with other infected ill people for 6 hrs minimum…
and he is so vulnerable .he is spending 30 mts in the bathroom every half hour and 2 hrs of sleep..
Please protecthim and me from the dreaded coronavirus.and all other health problems.
Please let me get my Blood pressure under control.
please let my ecg showing some problem get corrected…Dear lord please let me relax.and get sleep. let tge extra heart beat not be a problem.
Thank you St Jude for your loving favours to me and my family .

Please let the infection go away and let him sleep well and rest and get well .
let the biopsy result be a good
Thank you for all the favours to us .
prayers for all in this circle and beyond..