Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from all troubles and dangers from the apartment owners , her neighbour his wife, the care taker of the apartment who is evil , and the rest who are against her – being a single lady bringing in men friends into her apartment.
Please let her find her soul mate with your blessings lord please send your powerful miracles to help her lord -she is all alone in the native country , no family with her in the country and her friends control her and her life is stuck and not moving ahead lord – i feel she is under her friends control and they are using her and all her salary being used up on them – please let the evil friends go away lord and never come back to her – please let her see reality that she has no one beside her and she is all alone with health issues to sort out – surgeries to be done – all ignored – she is just drifting and me her mom is stuck in another country because too scared to travel because of covid – please send urgent help to us lord –
Please give me some peace of mind – i have not seen my daughter for 2and half years almost now please lord i am going mad and so much in turmoil – please
let her be able to visit us and if its your wish live in this country if that is best for her – please give me a solution to this huge big problem of mine – please let her find her soul mate, a good man, love, marry and have family please –
please protect her while driving her 2 wheeler – and always
please calm her and heal her lord – let her find happiness and peace of mind and forget her miserable past –
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your help and favours to my daughter – i am eternally grateful to you – amen