Blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect and guide my egoistic, idiotic, naive, impulsive, quick to anger, behaves like a teenager instead of a mature woman, highly immature, but good at heart and innocent –please let her see the reality of life and stop living in a bubble of something – please let her see how vulnerable she is and how much she needs a man beside her (she living all alone without close family in the 3rd world country with hyprocrite, arrogant selfish men who dont have any respect for single woman)
Please lord send your powerful miracles to find her soul mate and let her meet him somehow please and love, marry, have family please – let her settle down instead of wandering around inviting men to the apartment with all the residents against her for having a bachelor life which they dont approve of -and complaints are coming to me and the neighbour has started harassing her and instigating fights with her -she stands no chance of winning but she is trying to fight even though she is on the right – please stop with your mighty power lord all the men of the association of our apartment and the evil care taker and the rest of the prejudiced people from attacking her and scheming and trapping her -Let all their evil efforts fail lord when they themselves are so corrupt and never produce the accounts and give all the work to their relatives which damages the apartment but they make money out of it –
Please let her plan her future, get a good man, save money, and have a normal happy life lord.
Please protect her when she drives her 2 wheeler scooter –
let her stop all her bad habits and dont let any of her evil friends come near her or use her to forward their interests using her vulnerablities .
please let her check and review her shoulder condition after her 3 surgeries and do the physio to strengthen it- she is neglecting her health
she has to do 2 surgeries -wisdom tooth removal which is complicated
she has to remove a cyst -a gynec job both she is ignoring
i cannot travel because of underlying health conditions and my husband critically ill and taking treatments now
please lord let her find a good capable man which will relieve me from all these duties which i cannot do .
Please let her not fight with my nieghbour who has threatened to report her to the police – his nasty wife is picking up fights with her because they do not like her inviting men to her apartment.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her and to me giving me peace of mind and relief all the time she gets into trouble – please watch over her lord and keep her safe always – amen