please help my husband not to have any prostate cancer he has been given a very low grade diagnosis. please help me to be strong for my family and bring us all closer together. please let me know my beautiful mother is in heaven. She has just passed away last Sunday, please help me & all my family in our grief. help me to get back into a work routine. My lovely mother suffered soo much. help me to know if i should apply for perm in my job, i am better off working or if i should apply elsewhere, i am not so young now. BLESS my family my 3 children please can S Martin get a job, it is soo difficult him not working for a long time now, plse help him can he get bck into his a con if possible & to be happy in something. plse guide him asap.

thank u J is doing so well in his job, plse keep him there & to thrive & be happy in his job

guide my daughter plse can she get an offer of a uni where she will be very happy & enjoy her studies & do well.

help ther to be peace with all my siblings, & please help us all to get through the funeral in Ireland next week, say a prayer we can cope and do a good funeral for dear loving mum.

hlp all my sisters they would love to have husbands & families, plse comfort them with good friends at the funeral & absolutely no arguing whatsoever can we all bite our tonges at times!!

Amen thanks for your help St Jude & all in this prayer circle please pray for me for discernment