Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter from getting diabetes please – she has and is going through a lot of stress and unhappiness personal and professional-
Please let her be able to get back her health asap by having determination and will power and strength-
Please let the painful bunions on her feet, gangilion cyst on her wrist, vericose veins, her face severely scarred by the allergy from face mask we assume let all these health problems go away somehow have solutions lord please and let her depression go away
Let her manager treat her well lord and let there be no politics at work and let her be able to work perfectly with no mistakes –
Please let her get a good job with raise near my home lord – let her pass her interview lord and get selected asap i need her near me so badly lord –
Please let her be healthy and eat correct and have will power and be serious lord .
Please bless their damp filled home , their very old little second hand car , please keep all of what they have safe and sound and bless their little child please –
please protect them always – keep them safe and well and healthy lord
thank you for all the favours to her and family – amen