Dear blessed St Jude, please come to the help of my younger daughter who is all alone physically and mentally in another country with no family with her , her friends controlling her and she has no contact with me now-
Please let her find her soul mate as per your wish lord – please let her forget her past hurts and scarred memories filled with nothing but pain and agony – and start a new life – both her parents remarried and left her and her sister also in another country –
She is in the native country and now the neighbour and the association of the apartment has turned against her because she being a single lady is inviting male friends to her apartment – she is working online in the night – and she says her men friends are her family -they keep her alive and supported and there is nothing else – it is hard to convince others – i feel so helpless – when the neighbour is threatening to report to police and lock her up – i told her that and then she has cut me off from the phone – i have no access to her now -My heart burns lord in agony – i worry about her lord -she has no one – please put her in the safe hands of a good man lord – do not let her destroy herself please-
Please let her stop all her addictive bad habits -smoking drinking – i have no idea if she still does all that – she has gone vegan is all i know – my own daughter is a stranger to me –
Please let her come back to the family and also find and make her own family and make her future safe and secure lord .
Please send your powerful miracles to make all this happen my dear St Jude.
Please stop all her enemies from attacking her i.e. my neighbour, his wife, and the apartment owner’s association members who are just a bunch of hypocrites who believe men can do anything and women are just second class –
The dangerous care taker of the apartment who drove me out of the apartment just because i was a single mother and divorcee – it was just hell – please put an end to his arrogance and plotting behaviour lord – please come to the protection of my daughter lord . it is a third world country and my poor daughter needs real help
Please protect her when she is driving her 2 wheeler and keep her safe lord – always under your wings –
Please let her not do anything against the lord’s wish – please let her come to the lord’s path and be saved – please let her get back her belief in god and prayers please –
please help lord please – please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems
Thank you for all the favours to her – always grateful to you- amen