Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from tge dangers she is facing from her neighbour who is threatening to put her in prison because she is inviting men friends into our apartment and is involved in wrong doings…he has spoken to me in a very abusive manner and i am terrified for my daughter who does not realise tge extend of poison gossip spread by the evil caretaker who drove me away from my her and home who is still working there .
Please stop especially the neighbour, caretaker and the apartment owners association people from attacking her.
Please let my daughter find her soul mate who can fund her,marry her , love her,have family so that she can leave these friends dependency and have a life please.
I plead with you today as a helpless mother to protect my innocent daughter from all these nasty evil people wgo wants to finish her off ..please lord stop them with your mighty power please..
I cannot help because i am stuck in another country and cannot travel my husband, her step father has cancer and treatments will start. Please come urgently to our help , let my daughter see reality, free herself from the friends circle…surround herself with who will protect and guide her in the right path.
Please Let Her STOP calling the men friends and just fall in love and have normal life please..
Help me help me help me please..
protect my egoist idiotic naive innocent short tempered impulsive
daughter and let her NOT fight with her neighbours wife who are sitting abd plotting on destroying her.
Please let her get friendly with her sister and me..
please bless her and guide her at every step she takes lord ..stop her when she is wrong…Thank you my dear St Jude for everything given to her..amen
prayers for all in the circle and beyond to get all problems solved..