Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to come to the rescue of my naive idiotic egoistic ignorant younger daughter urgently . She is involved in fighting with my nieghbour in my native country -the neighbour is deliberately instigating her to a fight by parking the car wrongly into ours and not allowing her men friends to park there -and the poisonous care taker who drove me out of the apartment away from my child and spread rumours and gave me a bad name –being single divorcee was my crime – please protect and put sense into my daughter’s head lord and not to fall into their evil traps to get into fights with them and to stop bringing her male friends to home –
please let my daughter find her soul mate who loves her marry her and have family with her lord at once lord please at once – or she will get into more trouble please
My neighbour is threatening me saying he will put my daughter in prison if she complains about him or fight with his wife – it is all on small matters deliberately created by the neighbour -to create fight and confrontation with her and to force her to stop her bringing her friends according to them are not good friends .
please the situation is out of my hands and i cannot do anything dear lord with a husband critically ill in hospital and my daughter all alone in another country thousands of miles away – i leave her in your hands please protect her with your mighty power from all the attacks from the vicious neighbour his wife the care taker and any other plotter in secret – please do not let them harm her in any way lord – please calm them all – and not get situation out of hand. please help me lord in this urgent situation – please let her have a new begining of life and not destroy her life please – thank you for all the blessings and favours from you -eternally grateful – amen