Dear blessed St Jude, please let the MRI scans of the spine and prostrate taken yesterday of my husband75yrs be alright and normal – please send your powerful miracles to save cure my husband’s prostrate problem and bring down my husband’s PSA count of 159 down or please let it not be malignant or not spreading please let the doctors be able to control it and let correct diagnosis be done and decisions taken. please protect him from coronavirus where all are careless -and he is extreamly vulnerable person – with heart issues -hyper tension as well – please let everything be alright and normal – please give us both mental , physical strength to handle these tough situations . please bless us both, our home, my children and put us in a position where we can be of help to others – thank you for everything given to us – thank you all at the shrine who pray for us – i am sorry i have not paid any money to this shrine but i am giving to the St Jude shrine in my native country where i always go through my friend who goes there – one day i will pay to this shrine also – i am sorry for the delay- amen