Dear blessed St jude please urgently come to the help of my younger daughter and keep her mind strong -clearly something wrong is happening which she is not capable of sharing with me-
Never allow her to go back to her college boyfriend who got married to another girl and maybe trying to keep her on the side –
please do not let my daughter anything wrong lord – let her meet the right man in her life and get settled with a family lord please .
please dear lord let there be peace and happiness in my family – please let her not fight with my problematic nieghbours please who are waiting to find fault with her – and the apartment association men who do not like her inviting men into her apartment- please let all this stop lord – please let her stop all her bad habits and bad friends and find someone to settle down please.
let the care taker and all of the scheming evil people in my native country apartment stop harrasing my daughter and please let her see the reality and come out of her dream world and live according to the rules of the society and third world country where she is unfortunately left all alone with no family with her – friends in charge –
please let all the bad friends go away and let her be surrounded by good people only-
let our nieghbours forgive and forget and dont complain to police about her please -they are saying she has bad friends -they are threatening me with bad words
she is in a dangerous situation lord and she cannot see it – please send help- urgently for her please – thank you for all the favours to her -amen