Dear blessed St Jude, please cure my husband 75yrs health issues of severe lower back pain and let all the tests and scans coming up on this Wednesday be all normal and with no problems lord – please give him mental and physical strength and good sleep above all and no pain lord –
Please protect us both from coronavirus and all other health problems – please protect my husband during his tests and scans and on our travel in public transport buses -thank you for protecting us always lord -ever grateful to you –
Please let my husband’s right hand which met with an accident get well at once lord-
it has been one month now and it is still swollen with oedema and he cannot fold it and we have no access to a proper doctor- because of covid..
please let the phone appointment with the physiotherapist go well and let them be able to cure his palm and get his hand movement back lord – it is so urgent with his other health problems to fight out-
Please let our nieghbour stop his mechanic work to give me some peace of mind and let him stop building sheds in the backyard for his bike and other stuff and make continuous noise all the time making life difficult for me- please bless our homes and let all the bad energy go away and let your presence be there – thank you for all your help and favours given to us and our family – amen