Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to cure my husband’s back pain knee pain sciatica pain which is troubling him and depriving him of sleep and the pain killers dont work ..and effecting me also making life miserable.
Please protect us both from coronavirus.and all other health problems when we go to hospital for my husband’s check up for prostrate with the Urologist and scans for both of us.
please let his ex girl friend stop communicating love notes to my husband in these horrible time for me.
It is crushing for me.dear lord.
Please let me win the lottery ticket bought today..and get money for all of us please.
please bless our home and let there be no more damage or repair work be there.
please let the plumber come and do the proper repair soon.
please let my husband’s check up come up with a negative result and let him be alright and free of any health problems .
His PSA count was 159 and normal count should be 4. so very very worried.
Thank You For All the Favours To Both of us and my family . always grateful . amen