Dear blessed St Jude, Please let my younger daughter not self destroy herself .by bringing men friends into my native country apartment complex, where all are families and they are objecting to her inviting her friends according to them is to have sex .
My daughter when questioned says they are the only family she has and they her friends keep her alive and has supported her always.
Her father,me her mom, remarried at the same time almost and then her sister also after 1 yr then all left the country leaving her all alone.
So now she has isolated herself from us and hardly talks or keeps in touch.
Please lord send your powerful miracles to help her against the rest of the apartment owners and win over their sympathy somehow. Please let her meet her soul mate and take decisions and save her life and end her single status and men friends and living in a false comfort zone. Please help her come to her help in this dangerous situation for her with such orthodox, narrow and hypocrite selfish bunch of arrogant group of men and women who will never see the side of a helpless young girl and her plight without her family beside her like they all have -please punish the care taker who is ruining my daughter’s name just like he did to me years back just because we are single ladies and he happens to be a pervert narrow minded scheming man. Please save my daughter from that conniving criminal man lord – and other men in the association. Let his dirty mind and the dirty things he does get exposed lord . let him leave the apartment lord. please give me and my daughter a solution to her issues and especially her marriage lord — please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems. please let her sort out her 2 surgeries to be done somehow and let her get an accomodation -please let her stop all her addictive bad habits at once and let all the bad friends go away from her life never to come back lord –
please surround her with good people and guide her into your path – and let her get back her belief in god and prayers lord.
I thank you for all the favours and protection given to my daughter always – please keep my naive idiotic vain egoistic daughter aware of reality and the danger she is facing from other residents – please send help lord somehow please stop all her enemies with your mighty power and let them sympathise at her plight of having no one other than her friends please please – thank you