Dear blessed St Jude, please guide and protect my younger daughter who is naive, not street smart, too trusting everyone not planning for future and having no back up plans and no thought about her future .
Today morning miracle happened and that is for the first time in her life she is saying she is happy and asked me if i am happy -I am so thankful to you for this miracle –
She is very happy that she got a job lord and its all thanks to my prayers to you .
She is saying whatever she prays is also coming true for the first time .
I am ever grateful to you lord for all your favours to me and to my daughter – Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please lord send your powerful miracles to find her soul mate, let them fall in love, marry and have family and be happy please lord – only this will bring me peace of mind lord – please let her forget all her past and move ahead and find success in her new job and be happy lord and know the value of everything given to her and hold it precious to her and not treat it casually .
Please let her learn to prioritise her urgent needs like her dental surgery which is very important , then her cyst removal surgery, please let her be able to test her immunity level and then go for the surgeries and also for a review of her shoulders after 3 surgeries 3 yrs back then she has to do physiotherapy to strengthen her shoulders and arms – please let her do all that without fail lord – please let her also remember to keep her mouth n teeth clean so as to not get any infection in her wisdom tooth which is the problem one.
please forgive me and my family if we have caused any hurt for others and let all the curses and misfortunes go away from me and my family lord –
please protect my daughter from all accidents when she drives her scooter and otherwise and from coronavirus and all other health problems.
please let her stop all her addictive habits and get back her prayers and trust and belief in god -Thank you for answering all her prayers lord -she told me today for the first time her prayers are being heard and she is so happy – how will i ever repay you lord —and a big thanks and hugs to all at the shrine who pray for us – today is the first day my daughter responded positively to me and I am grateful to my dear St Jude and all at the shrine for all the prayers — please continue to watch over her and bless her and guide her in the path that you wish her to be.