Blessed St Jude, please protect my younger daughter and guide her in all the things she do because she is very naive , idiotic and trusting and lost coming from a broken miserable single parent family where all things were messed up.
Please send your powerful miracles to get back her faith in God and in the power of prayers.
Please let her find God’s eternal love and be happy instead of chasing all the wrong guys at the wrong places .
Please let her drop all her friends who pretend as though they care but in reality just utilises her vulnerablity.
Please let her see the reality of her situation –please let her find her soul mate a good man with enough money marry and have family.
Please let her priorities be handled correctly – especially her dental surgery–
Please let her be able to do her job with care and shine well in whatever she does/
Please let her forget completely her old boyfriend who dumped her to marry another one -and move on to find the right man for herself please as soon as possible and not waste her life.
Please let her agree to put her good photo and agree to the matrimonial site search -only if that is your wish .
please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please let her be able to find a good safe place to stay in the nieghbouring state.
Thank you for everything my dear St Jude to her -amen