Blessed St Jude, I thank you today my dear St Jude for my prayers answered -My daughter got a job! Thank you lord .
But now there are other questions on what to do with her wisdom tooth removal surgery because she has to join immediately and that too in a neighbouring state .
Please let the company allow her to work from home lord .
Please urgently bring a solution to her wisdom tooth problem lord – now if she goes for the surgery that will put her new job in jeopardy – if she does not do the surgery and goes to another state then that is also a problem.
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to save her from all this situation and is bringing me intense distress .
Please protect me and my husband from coronavirus and all other health problems
Please protect my younger daughter from coronavirus lord and all other health problems.
Please dont let my nieghbour who is going to extend his garage and attach to our fence some extention to sit and make noise in building and repairing his bike and sports car. please stop him urgently from building anything monstrous and obstructive which will cause depreciation of our home value and the enjoyment of our small garden. Please do not allow him to bully us lord –
please let my husband’s back pain extending to his leg go away lord . Let him get back to full health .
Thank you for all your favours to me and my husband and my family my dear St Jude -amen