Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to guide and protect my poor lost younger daughter how to go about with her upcoming surgery in removing her wisdom tooth which is compacted and involves removal of number of teeth and cutting of bone, and she has to find out how the nerve is placed and there is lot of things to be done accurately. and she needs help desperately .
My daughter is all alone with no family with her – The only person who can help her is my niece and her husband. Please let them be willing to help her with this complicated surgery – please let us be able to fund the surgery lord -and let her and my niece be able to plan the surgery with your blessings as per your wish.
She is meanwhile trying to get a job in an MNC and has attended an interview and waiting result- please let her get the job if that is your wish for her lord – Please let her start believing in god and prayers and be at peace and acceptance.
Please protect her from all accidents while driving her scooter and protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please send her soul mate to her and let both fall in love with each other and marry have family asap.
Please let her forget all her past miserable life and be able to start a new life new job with your blessing lord – let all her hatred towards me go away — I thank you for all your favours to her lord – grateful forever -amen