Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my younger daughter today tomorrow and always -just now she has lost the apartment key because she had a hole in her handbag and now has gone to search for the key in the night in a shopping mall.
Tomorrow she has an appointment to for CT scan of her mouth teeth for her wisdom tooth removal surgery – and a blood test
please calm her lord and let all her stress and anxiety go away and let her find the key.
please let everything go smoothly and as per your wish lord
Please send your powerful miracles to help her through these tough times and handle the surgery and everything on her own.
Please send someone to help her out with the surgery and related matters which she will be not in a position to do on her own till the wounds heal in her mouth .
please let all her decisions be guided by you and let there be no mistakes lord . None of her family members are there to help her -except my niece -please let her accept the help of my niece -let her not be too tired for her scan tomorrow and let everything be taken correct and diagnose done by the dental specialist maxmillian ortho surgeon be correct and let all happen with your blessings –
I leave her in your hands lord – i am incapable of handle such a complex person with huge issues coming from a broken messed up miserable no money family.
Please bless my daughter and let her be surrounded by good people and let all the evil friends disappear from her life never to come back to her.
Let her be fit for the surgery and let her have good health – and good immunity.
I thank you for all the favours given to her – amen