Blessed St Jude I thank you for all the favours to me and my family and answering almost all my prayers ..Please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to guide my younger daughter to prioritise her most important things to do and not run behind unimportant things – Please lord her top most priority should be her upcoming 2 surgeries one to remove her wisdom tooth and then a cyst removal. Above all please let her see the importance of taking covid vaccine and let her understand and take both the covid vaccine my dear lord . Her immunity is always low after her accident and 3 surgeries -and she does not take care of her health at all – my major worry is that.
please guide her in her very important decisions in life i.e. her career plans, choosing the Master’s course she is planning to do in the country where me and her sister is living currently. I will be spending all my savings on her tuition fees so please let her finish her 2 surgeries in the native country as soon as possible instead of postponing it or taking it casually .
Please send your powerful miracles to help her find her soul mate with sufficient money, fall in love, marry and have children please lord let it happen as per your wish.
Please let her stop at once all her addictive bad habits and please let all her evil bad friends all of them go away from her life forever never to come back.
Please protect her while driving her scooter which is not serviced nor the papers kept up to date – please let her find time to do all this work which is so important and critical which she is so wrongly brushes away as unimportant.
Please help lord to sort out this biggest misery in my life i.e. this younger daughter problem of mine — please give a solution lord – I thank for everything given to us from you lord – amen