Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from Coronavirus and all other health problems .
Please come to the help of my daughter who is completely lost and needs urgent help from you lord in deciding her future career path and personal life which is going nowhere – due to her addictive bad habits , evil friends who destroy her ,and coming from a broken no money family , meeting all the wrong guys who break her heart into pieces and her trust in humanity and all hope of love and family along with both parents remarried and all left her alone in the native country . Please remove all the bad friends, family members and all who are bad influence for her and please surround her with good people lord who will guide her to a successful life from the failure she is right now.
Please let her meet her soul mate who will love her and marry her and have family with her. please let her forget all her miserable past life and move ahead
Please let her be able to arrange for her 2 surgeries on her own or with the help of my niece or someone with intelligence -please let her prioritise her things to do so that she can plan things ahead which she never does and her life crashes .
Please let her be able to choose her masters course which she wants to do abroad in another country which will get her a job and money.
please let her get the right agency and the right course which will suit my budget and be able to get a future out of it please lord its all my savings I am giving for her 2nd Masters degree – please please send your powerful miracles to help us in this matter lord -let us not make any mistake at any stage or loose any money . Please let all the men in my apartment association be nice to her and not target her especially my dangerous neighbour and all the hypocrite people who target single lady and do not like them and also let her not bring her evil friends to my apartment and let her so called friends who are so evil stop using her for their benefit -she has no trust in her family and trusts her evil friends -please protect her lord – please let her give her scooter for service – let her brains work lord please
Thank you for all your favours to her – always grateful – amen