Dearest St Jude , please bless and keep my younger daughter safe and protected from coronavirus and all other health problems .
She just informed her step father that she got an opportunity to train in another state for the subject she wanted to learn in her masters course she is planning abroad.
Doing this training will give her further grounds to apply for this advanced stream in engineering which is different from her stream slightly.
I thank you so much on her behalf and for me that she is showing interest in her career and is working towards to get a masters ..please help her in her safety lord which is very important for all her dreams to come true .
Please let her keep her dental hygiene so that the infection will not come back on her complicated wisdom tooth
Please let her practice for her language test also especially in writing which is not very good — please let her be aware of all this – she talks to me only if anything very important – I remind her of her painful past and she cannot handle it and it triggers too many negative emotions in her .please let her forget her very bad miserable past and have a great present and future lord as you wish for her –
Thank you for everything again – praying for all in this circle —