Dear blessed St Jude please guide my younger daughter in her career and her personal life. please protect her from all accidents , evil people . let her stop all her addictive habits. Please let her meet her soul mate lord and fall in love with a good man who loves her for life will marry and have family and save her from all bad friends n bad habits. let her get surrounded by good people who will guide her as per your wish lord.
Let her be able to do her 2 upcoming important surgeries at the right time if she is planning to do a masters degree abroad – please let her give it importance lord . because if resting period is required she has to do her surgery especially her wisdom tooth removal by a specialist – please let her do it lord- no family member is with her in the native – please send your powerful miracles to change all her bad habits into good ones and make her see the truth and reality of her situation of having no money no job no man to love no god no prayers nothing -please change her lord as you wish her to become.
please let her forget all the painful miserable past memories of broken love, broken family and get a whole new life with new people in it – she has never had love please give her the love of a good man is what she needs most lord .
please let her be successful in her personal and professional life lord . I am helpless right now to help her –and I am leaving her in your hands please save her lord she needs help desperately — please calm her mind and let her be peaceful – please bless her and let all the worry and anxiety go away from her mind – let her stop hating me and her sister for leaving her all alone in the native country for our survival. I thank you for all the favours to her -eternally grateful to you my dear St Jude .. amen