blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to make my younger daughter stop all her addictive habits, her bad evil friends and see the reality of her life – i.e. no job, no money, no boyfriend, nothing –she is a qualified person but because of her bad habits cannot rise up in life i think – please help her lord to select her masters course abroad, and especially the course which suits her as well as the money I have i.e. all my savings so please lord let there be no mistakes at any stage because that will crush us all.
Please let this torture of undecideness and unclearness caused by my daughter stop making my life a hell lord -please bring clarity to all the plans lord – nothing is moving forward – please let her study her IELTS english language test with care and be successful with top marks. Please let the confusion stop.
Please please let her find her soul mate and marry and start family at once lord . please send your powerful miracles to let this happen lord . Please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems. Please let her be able to do her two upcoming surgeries which has to be done with some planning – please let her keep her teeth clean . She is all alone in the native country and please let her plan and come out the country with your guidance lord. I really dont know what to do so I am leaving her in your hands please take care of her lord and protect her always .
Let her forget her miserable past and move ahead with positiveness
Thank you St Jude for all your help to my daughter -amen