Dear blessed St Jude, please come to our help in getting my permanent resident visa successful in the interview coming up next week for all the necessary documents to be there and everything to go smoothly and successfully.
The immigration firm/lawyer we hired are not doing a good job -it is full of flaws and mistakes and my husband has to sit and study and correct all the mistakes even a 10 yr old will not make. The level of attention they are giving to us after collecting money from us is alarming and scary for us -we cannot fight with them at this stage because my husband is 75 yrs old and vulnerable so we are at their mercy. We got the slot for interview with my prayers to you lord . I thank you again . Please let our trip outside using public transport be a safe one and with the number of rapidly increasing Covid cases and no mask all restrictions removed situation is so bad for us both with underlying health conditions and with the covid vaccine taken so long back 6 months , we have no idea how effective it is. Please protect us both from Coronavirus and all other health problems lord. Please remove all the stress from this process and let it happen with all your blessings on us my dear lord as always . I thank you for all the favours given to me ,my family and keeping me sane and hopeful. I thank all at the shrine who pray for us all unconditionally and may God bless them with good health and safety in these troubled times . Amen