Blessed St Jude, please help my younger daughter to stop her addictive bad evil habits to sort out her life and where she is headed -please let her see reality that she is jobless, moneyless, aging getting old, no man in her life, not talking to her mother and sister, her step father sending money for food and shelter.
She is highly qualified and used to be very intelligent but her habits stop her from succeeding in life – please bring a solution lord to this problem which has been going on for sometime for 10yrs at least – this has to stop now because it is crushing me and i cannot go on- please let her fall in love lord with a good man who will give her a life marry her and have family – let her forget all the miseries and agony of coming from a broken family with no money single parent. let her forget her college boyfriend who dumped her and got married to someone else – let her move ahead and find her soul mate please send your powerful miracles to help her find her soul mate lord please – let her get the love she never had in life – let her mind be free of all hatred and disappointments from her sister and me her mother & also father to get married second time . please let her be surrounded by genuine loving people who will guide her and help her as per your wishes for her lord – let all her evil friends disappear forever from her life never to come back – please surround her with your mighty power oh my dear lord – keep away all accidents, danger, evil .
Please let her be able to do her 2 upcoming surgeries with the right support and help -please guide her lord.
let her future plans regarding her 2nd masters abroad in the country where me and her sister are living become true if that is what is your wish for her lord – let her find the right course, right university right country and right agent thru you only lord because i will be spending all my savings on her — and we cannot afford any mistakes lord – please please help urgently- thank you for all your help and favours to my daughter i thank on her behalf – amen