Dear blessed St Jude , we are so relieved and thankful to you and to all at the shrine for your prayers today because we just heard the good news that I got a slot and now can get an appointment by next week for my face to face interview with the immigration department representatives.
Please let everything go correct and as per your wishes lord- Thank you again
please protect me and my husband 75yrs both with underlying health conditions from coronavirus and all other health problems. and please let him get his booster dose at the correct time suitable for him as per your wish because he just had his flu jab 3 weeks back.
please let the roofers come and fix the damage at the right place on the roof and stop the leak to our home -they did not correct the mistake last week when they did the job and yesterday it rained and water came through as usual- they took lot of money also and we dont know if they are cheating us also lord – please help us -please bring solution to the problems of all in the circle and beyond —
with gratefulness –