Dear blessed St Jude , please let my immigration lawyer get a slot to upload my application to get an interview by the representatives of the immigration office for my visa application to get a permanent residence in this country as per your wish for me lord . We have chosen an express way because my husband is 75 yrs and vulnerable so going out with rising cases of covid and the pfizer vaccine effect reduced after 6 months its is a big worry for me to go out . Both of us are vulnerable with underlying medical conditions so please help us the best way possible lord as per your wish only lord . My visa expires in few weeks time and we both are very very anxious and worried .
Please hear our prayers lord . Please let my husband get his booster dose of covid vaccine as soon as possible and please let the epilepsy problem he experiences under stress which he said he felt coming to him today to me not come to him lord – please let him be stress free and let us find ways to be more happy and cheerful because of covid we are locked up at home – please let my daughter and her husband forgive my husband for calling them idiots and swearing at me while answering one of their questions .let him not be judged by one comment for his continuous help and favours to them like nobody has done for them -let them forget and forgive one small mistake from the poor old man and learn to be grateful to him – Now they do not call him nor he gets to chat and play with my grandchild over the phone video.
Please let my daughters who both do not speak to me or is nice to me stop this anger and hatred to me and come and reunite as a family please .
Please protect us both from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please resolve the leak problem on our roof which the roofers failed to repair inspite of paying them last week – Water is coming into our bedroom through the roof dear lord –
Thank you for all the favours to me and my husband -please help resolve the problems faced by all in the circle and beyond lord — ever grateful -amen