Dear blessed St Jude, please come urgently to our help in getting a slot for my Permanent Resident visa processing because my visa to this country where I have come to live on a spouse visa will expire in weeks .
My poor husband who is vulnerable health wise and me are very stressed and do not know what to do because the whole process is costing us and all the work was mostly done by my husband inspite of paying the immigration lawyer.
Now the lawyer cannot get a slot for me to upload my documents and then get an interview appointment with the home office representatives and we do not know what will happen this Monday . Please send your powerful miracles to get me the slot required lord please come to my help – Let all the obstacles go away in front of your mighty power lord .. please come to my help ..
Please protect me and my husband from coronavirus and all other health problems . Please lord take care of the problems of all in the circle and out .Thank you for all the favours to me, my husband and our family. amen