my dear St Jude , please help urgently to cure my nurse daughter’s acute dreadful face allergy problem which is not responding to antibiotics so far and has severly scarred her face with red blotches and is horrible to look at – please please please send your powerful miracles to save her face and cure her mask allergy/or something else we do not know because her doctor is deliberately not sending her to a dermatology department for further tests and examination . My daughter has just migrated to this country on a work visa and is scared to complain or put pressure on the occupation health sector for them to send her to a proper doctor for this problem from fear of losing her job. She is under severe trauma and depression because of her scarred face – she used to be a very pretty girl not anymore. Dear god please bring back the smile to my daughter – please hear my prayers for her – let her and her husband be happy with each other and not fight between themselves – he is always rude and snapping at them for his short comings of not being able to speak english and much lower in the nursing job is frustrating for him . please let him stop harassing my daughter which i believe he is for something – please let him stop his hatred for me and start living near us by shifting from where they are right now – and not move to where their friends are living – that means i will never be able to be with my daughter and grand daughter – he is being very nasty and punishing to me – he is very much a mammas boy and obsessed with his sister and only listens to them – Please let there be change in his behaviour and let him listen to my daughter and her wishes and mine too to have my daugther and grand daughter near me – I have spent all my money and youth in bringing up my daughter’s -and now in my old age the man he married a poor man from lower strata of the society is behaving nasty -please stop him behaving like this lord and let him be cooperative and nice to me and my old husband and come and help us – please bless them both and the child and protect them all from coronavirus and all other health issues -protect their home from all evil and bad things and accidents and bless them with your grace lord – amen