Dearest St Jude, I thank you for all the favours to me, my husband and family. Please let the visa application for my permanent residence be successful and without any problem or stress . My husband has paid immigration lawyers and they are very inefficient and my 75 yr old husband has to do all the work and they are just copying what he has written and he is extremely anxious and disappointed with them. We are worried about my visa expiring date nearing the work is not yet over and it is difficult to get an appointment with the immigration centre .
Please help us dear lord in all these matters to go smoothly and without trouble.
Please let both my children get rid of their hatred/misunderstanding towards me and let the family rejoin and be happy. please protect me, my husband, daughter n her husband and younger daughter from coronavirus and all other health problems . Please let all in this prayer circle and beyond get relief from their problems . Thanks again my dear St Jude. amen