Dear blessed St Jude , please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to come to my younger daughter’s help to decide and finalise on the masters course she wants to do which is creating only confusion because she has selected robotics which is easy if you have a computer background but she has electrical background so dont know how much she will understand – please do not let her make any mistakes lord – this is her one and only chance because i will be giving all my savings for this course – please lord decide for her which masters course will work for her to find job and also which will suit my budget.
Please I plead with you to give me a solution to this never ending problem of mine – please let her choose the right country and the right agency to do the searching and supporting her because she is all alone in the native country lord.
please let her find a perfect solution in the country where her sister and me are living and come and join us for the course.
Please let her get back her faith in God and power of prayers lord
Please help her lord to find her soul mate, to love to marry and have family .
Please let her take her 2nd covid vaccine and let her be able to do her 2 surgeries and let her get the right doctor and hospital and not make any mistakes and get help from my niece who has access to the top hospital.
Please protect my daughter from all the attacks from the apartment owners association members and let her stop all her bad habits , evil friends and while driving her scooter and in the kitchen and also the transformer and all other dangers in the apartment itself . let me be able to take her out of the country lord and bring her and join up with family in this country where me and her sister is living -Thank you for all the favours to her dear St Jude — amen