Dear St Jude , please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ my lord and saviour to help me succeed in my visa application to get my Permanent Residence which is very crucial and critical and extremely stressful for my poor 75 yr old husband -He has to do all the work even after paying immigration lawyers who are making mistakes after mistakes not caring never apologising never thanking for the corrections done by my husband – He is very very stressed because they very egoistic and unwilling to accept thankfully his superior knowledge and experience and really worried – Please let them not be prejudiced and do the right thing and get me a successful result for my application which will be made soon . Let there be no mistakes lord and let all go smoothly . Let there be no disturbances from my younger daughter problems —
My biggest problem which is killing me every second is my younger daughter and her bad addictive habits – and evil friends – please send your powerful miracles and save my girl lord – please send a good man who will love her unconditionally and save her from all her bad habits and evil company -please I beg you to let this miracle happen – please please save her – i leave her in your arms – i have no other refuge other than you my lord – please correct her mistakes and bring her in your path.
let all her past bad memories just vanish along with her bad friends and all be replaced by good friends and let her get back her faith in God and power of prayers .
Please give her physical and mind strength lord –to overcome all her negative habits -Thank you for everything given to me and my family – big hugs to all at the shrine who pray for us – god bless them all — amen