My dear St Jude , please let my engineer daughter be successful in finding a masters course in a country which suits her future ( for job ,citizenship, PR etc) and the right agents to take her out of the native country( where she is hounded for being single and having male friends etc not being appreciated by the other owners in my apartment building ) . Please let her stop her evil friends who drink and smoke to come into my apartment inspite of my requests they are coming and taking advantage of the poor girl who is all alone in the country and with father and mother remarried and gone away to different countries is all alone and vulnerable . I am trying to help her with my savings to get out and start a new life somehow dear lord – the courses she is choosing is very expensive and I cannot afford it so it is causing a lot of delay and despair . Please let her get admission to a course which she will work and earn some money as well as enjoy –please lord let there be no mistakes this time which can ruin us financially and in every way ruin her future also.
She has 2 surgeries coming up lord –one is a wisdom tooth removal and another a cyst removal -please help her to cope with all that and the stress of writing tests for her admission -all she has to deal on her own lord in another country in an area where covid is highest and life is hard she has no job no money -we are supporting her with everything – please let her see the reality and stop all activities with friends at once lord – I plead you for all this help and support to her and me — thank you for all the favours to her -eternally grateful to you – amen