Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to cure my Nurse daughter who is suffering a severe allergy on her face with painful pus filled acne -we doubt its the special masks used in hospital which is causing the allergy -but do not know -her doctor does not care and is the gatekeeper of the clinic admin to not to send people to specialised clinics and hospitals – and my daughter is suffering and keeping quiet because she is new to this country and her visa status is not permanent residence with 5 more yrs to go — she is worried if she complains her job will be jeopardy and her husband is her dependent with only a diploma in nursing and cannot speak english well — so the entire burden is on her shoulders and she is very very stressed – please let all her stress go away and let her remain calm and at peace and let the new medicine work for her and the let her be able to follow her strict diet – please let her doctor refer her to the dermatology clinic and let her get her tests done lord please- Let her work as a nurse not get effected -its a 12 hr shift sometime going on for 15 hrs and more travelling time all the time wearing mask.
on top of the allergy she is suffering from Gangilion cyst on her wrist, painful bunions on her feet, n two more problems – please help her lord please heal my hardworking poor daughter – thank you for all your help and favours to her and her family – amen