Dear blessed St Jude, please bless and give protection for my younger daughter from all the men in the apartment owners association of my apartment in my native country where my daughter is currently living alone from attacking her and trapping her. Please stop them from harming and trapping my daughter especially the caretaker who is pure poison who drove me away from the country with his vicious gossips and giving me a very bad name . There is a stigma attached to single ladies and nobody likes them in a very conservative hypocrite society – and also when we ask for accounts they strike on my daughter who is not perfect –who invites boys friends and drink beer which is not acceptable in that society -now they want her out of the apartment – and she is all alone – please send her help lord — please send your powerful miracles to save her please and to protect her from these people as well as her evil friends who take advantage of her – please let her stop her bad addictive habits and start working towards getting out of the country and come and join her family in this country or go to Germany whichever is your wish for her lord and let there be no obstacles in front of her— let her be able to select the right course , right agents , and the right country suited best for her happen lord as soon as possible lord — let her get out of my apartment where she is hunted lord and go to my niece house which is a prayer house of lord also –the only trusted place for my daughter to live lord – please help her to reach safety in your arms – which she will get by moving from my apartment where her friends take advantage of her weaknesses to my niece home where your worship is done –please let her move – that is the only way to save her lord from these monstrous heartless -cruel men – who has no mercy – please help lord -thank you lord for all the favours to her – I cannot sleep -I am panicking lord please help — amen